Maintenance and training

Artillery systems developed by Artillery Plant No.9 are in service with more than sixty countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, not counting the CIS countries. It is natural that thousands of guns need to be kept in a combat-capable condition. Foreign customer countries have in their service a lot of artillery pieces that have been in a long-run (more than 15 years), e.g. guns M-30, D-1, D-44, D-48, 2A18, 2A18M, D-10T2S, 2A20, etc., which are still combat-capable and reliable in operation but in view of objective reasons they need to be maintained and repaired. In this case a problem, which foreign armies face, is lack of established local maintenance and repair system let alone manufacture of spare parts.

Taking into account the foreign customers needs we offers a number  of  services  to  carry  out  damage  control  of  artillery  pieces  produced  by the  plant,  i.e.

  • repair determination and evaluation of the artillery pieces technical condition;
  • delivery of spare parts to replace the failed assembly units and component parts or those ones, which has exhausted their service life;
  • delivery of the SPTA sets, non-standardized equipment sets and tolls for articles repair on-site;
  • organization of mobile and stationary repair shops at the customer country to maintain artillery pieces manufactured by the plant.

We can organize mobile repair shops to repair articles on-site by replacing assembly units and component parts which service life has exhausted as well as to maintain the artillery pieces. The said repair shops are provided with equipment as follows:

  • a set of tools and accessories that let carrying out repair without using the SPTA sets attached to the artillery pieces;
  • a device to measure the barrel bore wear;
  • a device to measure  the chamber length;
  • a device for the barrel inspection;
  • a device for cleaning the barrel bore;
  • a device for mechanized nut screwing-off when overhauling the article units;
  • a device for carrying out the hydraulic test;
  • a set of production accessories for a hydraulic test;
  • welding equipment;
  • fitter's bench with the vice and a bench-type drilling machine tool.

So that the customer specialists can get practical skills in learning our article design and learn the damage control and maintenance procedure we offer to equip a technical class, which includes the tutorials as follows:

  • wall technical charts;
  • cut dummy assemblies;
  • article assembly units;
  • devices and attachments to service the articles;
  • uprights, racks, bench-type tools to mount the study aids.

Besides, it is possible to organize studying of the customer specialists at Artillery Plant No.9 according to a co-ordinated schedule.