Military Products

Towed Guns

If we look through section Towed Anti-Tank Guns, Guns an Howitzers in a world-famous Jane's Armour and Artillery Yearbook we shall find that practically a half of the described Russian artillery guns was developed by Design Office No.9 of Artillery Plant No.9.

Guns for Tanks and SP Artillery

Most of Soviet SP artillery units produced in the World War II period and tanks were armed with guns developed by Design Office No.9 of Artillery Plant No.9. Today this trend is continued to be followed as the main one.

Naval Artillery

In the early 1960's Artillery Plant No.9 started production of depth-charge rocket launchers for the Navy. Despite a considerable age of this design the launchers are still in firm demand at the world defence market due to their high efficiency.

Maintenance and training

Thousands of artillery guns produced by Artillery Plant No.9 and been in service with many foreign countries need to be kept in a combat-capable condition. The problem is that there is lack of established local maintenance and repair system in user countries let alone manufacture of spare parts.