Civil Products

Production facilities of Artillery Plant No.9 like of any other general engineering plant let manufacture a wide range of different appliances, assembly units and component parts intended to be used in civil products.

Since 1996 the plant performs a batch production of trolleybus driving axles to mount them on single and articulated trolleybuses. The axles are successfully used in many Russian regions, inMoscow, in Bishkek. Broad experience in development of elevating and traversing mechanisms of artillery pieces and power units of the auxiliary propulsion systems as well as equipment to produce them were taken into account when the axles were developed and are used in their production now.

We also produce reduction gears, complicated basic parts, different variants of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders by separate orders of other branches of industry.  In producing them we make extension use of equipment intended for manufacture, assembly and testing of recoil mechanisms and equilibrators of artillery pieces.

The plant has mastered production of hydraulic pumping units, repairs to sucker-rod well pumps, and production of a number of other units intended to be used in oil and gas industry.

According to the regional government decree the plant developed and manufactured a batch of vertical milling cultivators that have successfully passed a certification test. Another batch of cultivators cultivator-ridgers was manufactured and put into operation in some regional farms.

We are open to collaboration in development of different engineering products. The plant potential let perform development of design, process and operation documents for new articles, provide their production including the use of nonstandard equipment and organize a joint production, if necessary.